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Saturday October 18th, 2008
Güney Restaurant, Galata Tower Square
Istanbul, Turkey
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Virtual Chef : Berlin - Istanbul

The Falafel Connection, in four languages.

As guests of the Guney Restaurant and as part of the Galata Visibility project, we re-created Karl Heinz Jeron’s Falafel recipe, which uses lentils instead of chickpeas as its base.

With a professional kitchen at our disposal, we decided to give the deep fryer a try, which quickly disintegrated our first few falafel experiments. After adding more flour to the balls, they emerged whole, crispy and utterly delicious.

Karl Heinz Jeron's Will Work For Food project page

Recipe: Will-Work-For-Food Falafels

Info: About Karl Heinz Jeron

The Story: notes from Julie

a collaboration of Julie Upmeyer and Ina Stockem

as part of the 4th Galata Visibility Project

Thanks to the Consulate of the Netherlands for supporting Virtual Chef - Galata

Project Team: Mehmet: emergency internet rescue, Anita: photography, Rod: videography, Regina: deep frying expert, Melike translation
Gathering Ingredients in Galata, Istanbul
The Dinner in Galata, Istanbul