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Virtual Chef : Istanbul - Hoorn

Preparations for an Iftar meal, in Istanbul and Hoorn

We joined the opening of the project and exhibition: 'Long Distance Call' in the chapel space at Hotel MariaKapel.

To break the Ramazan fast we first ate dates, apricots, salt and drank some much-needed water. Watching each other as we cooked, we also attempted the first Skype transport of a Ramazan pide from Turkey to the Netherlands (a special bread prepared in Turkey especially for Ramazan). It almost worked...

Recipe: Lentil Meat Balls

Recipe: Shephard Salad

Recipe: Lentil Soup

The Story: notes from Julie

a collaboration of Julie Upmeyer and Mehmet Ekiz

included as part of 'Long Distance Call' at Hotel MariaKapel. Thanks to Daniël Dennis de Wit and Jantine Wijnja

In Istanbul
In Hoorn