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explorations of
culinary tradition
individual innovation
ingredient availability
and the possibilities
of shared experiences
using internet
Sunday July 5th, 2009
Lille, France 14:30-17:30
Istanbul, Turkey 15:30-18:30
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Virtual Chef Bites - Lille : Istanbul

A cross-continent cooking connection in Lille and Istanbul.

A double open house, with double-dipping flavor combinations, connecting guests in Lille with those in Istanbul through a live video stream. We enjoyed a lazy summer afternoon, munching on dips created from the recipes of 5 people living in Istanbul, made from Turkish ingredients in Istanbul and French ingredients in Lille.

Info: interesting things about Lille

Recipe: Cucumber Dip

Recipe: Eastern Mediterranean Tapenade of Chickpeas, Mixed Olives and Sun-dried Tomatoes

Recipe: Salata Aubergine with Dill and Yogurt

Recipe: SeaFood Party Dip

Recipe: Haydari

Recipe: Jordanian Hummous

Recipe: Hot Crabmeat Dip

The Story: notes from Julie

a collaboration of Julie Upmeyer and Stephanie Hennequin

included as part of the lille3000 - Europe XXL festival.

Project Team: Dano Alexander : Istanbul-based coordination, host Melike Yildirim : translation, promotion, host Julie Upmeyer : photography, camera, video editing
Ingredient Gathering in Lille, France
Cooking & Eating in Lille, France
In İstanbul