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Virtual Chef : Rumia – Istanbul

The first in the Virtual Chef experiments, we went on line to Poland, where Marta Marucha instructed us how to cook Canneloni, a favorite dish of both her and her mother.

We did a poor job of finding the ingredients, having to make do with our tiny noodles and inappropriate, un-melty cheese. Unable to stuff the small pastas shells, we layered all the different ingredients, cooking it roast-style in the oven.

Tasty none the less.

Recipe: Canneloni, Marta Marucha Style Recipe

The Story: notes from Julie

a collaboration of Julie Upmeyer and Anita Bacic

included as part of the 'ENTER Caravansarai' event at Caravansarai, project space and meeting point.

Cooking & Eating in Tepebaşı, Istanbul