a trans-locational interactive cooking experience
explorations of
culinary tradition
individual innovation
ingredient availability
and the possibilities
of shared experiences
using internet


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Virtual Chef began with my simple desire to invite a friend over for a dinner party, the problem was, I Istanbul and she was in Poland. We decided to do make a Skype date. We would both collect the necessary ingredients for our meal and cook the food at the same time. She choose the recipe, Canneloni. Using Skype, we were indeed able to have our dinner party together, though unfortunately she was actually still at work. Thus the Virtual Chef project was born.

There has been 11 Virtual Chef events so far, most taking place in Istanbul, connecting to friends and contacts throughout the world. Sometimes I’ve met the chef before, other times I don’t meet them in person until much later. The project’s focus is the recipe itself; invented, inherited, adapted and translated. Events have taken place in tea-houses, art spaces, bridges, restaurants, homes, hallways (not a good idea) and, when I’m very lucky, in fully equipped professional kitchens.