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designed by samyazah developed by basat © 2009
From Natalia, Odessa, Ukraine
As part of Virtual Chef - Black Sea


• Pepper Bulgarian sweet (red, green, yellow) 3 pc
• Butter 100 gr
• 50 grams sour cream
• 50 g mayonnaise
• Tan 100 gr
• Cheese 100 gr
• Dill - a few branches
• Salt, pepper - to taste


Stuffing(filling): butter, sour cream, mayonnaise, cheese thoroughly mix to homogeneous mass with the use of Blender. Salt, add spices to taste.

Bulgarian pepper clear from the seeds, cut neatly characters.

Put the stuffing into pepper and put in fridge (30 min).

Then gently cut pepper ring with a sharp knife and put on the dish decorated by salads leaves, on top one can put olives.