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Vareniki z Tvorogom
From a woman in a small coastal village in Russia
As part of Virtual Chef - Black Sea

Vareniki are small pastries made from unleavened dough with a filling from berries, tvorog, cheese and other things. Vareniki are served boiled with sour cream, sugar and butter.


• 500 g tvorog (farmer cheese)
• 2 ea eggs
• 50 g sugar
• salt

• 300 g flour
• 1 ea egg
• 150 g water
• Sugar, Sour cream


Knead dough from water, eggs and flour (add more flour if needed) and roll out finely.

Make rounds with a glass or a cup. Put the filling in the center of every round and pinch the opposite edges.

Filling: Combine all the ingredients and run through a sieve.

Cook in boiling lightly salted water until vareniki are on the surface.

Serve with sugar and sour cream.